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This electric slimming massager uses small electric currents to massage the body.

You can choose any of the 5 treatment methods: tapping, modulation, kneading, program 1 and program 2.
The wave form and frequency will fluctuate automatically for an even more comfortable massage when you choose one of the two computerised programs.

The perfect solution to relieve stiff shoulders, neuralgia, muscular pain, to improve blood circulation or just to relax and recover from fatigue.

• 8 Massage modes
• 4 Massage pads
• Relieves fatigue
• Supports burning of fat
• Power:2x AAA batteries
• Frequency EMS massager: 90 - 100 Hz

Product specifications
Material : Plastic
Colour : Blue
Input voltage : 3 V
Usage : Massage
No. of settings : 8 Massage Modes
Type : Slimming
Batteries included : 2x AAA
Battery type : 2x AAA

Package contents
• Slimming massager
• 2x AAA batteries
• User manual  (download here .pdf)

Important preliminary information:
Refrain from using in the following situations: Those people who suffer from any
of the following diseases or are showing any symptoms should not use the
electronic pulse massager for low-frequency treatment.
1. Heart disease
2. Users of pacemakers
3. High fever
4. Acute (painful) diseases
5. Abnormal blood pressure
6. Menstruation, pregnancy or after giving birth
7. On or around cuts and/or skin diseases
8. Malignant tumors
9. When the body is wet from bathing/showering or sweating
10. Tuberculosis diseases
11. People receiving medical treatment should consult with physician prior to
using the massager.

electric slimming massager
£17.95 inc. tax

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